Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Observations — A Little Bit of Paris in San Francisco

French presence in San Francisco is notable.  There are similarities, of course — the focus on food and wine being the most obvious.  Great restaurants, La Folie and Fleur de Lys are two always high on the critics’ lists.  There are many others around town.  Downtown, near the front, formal gates of Chinatown is a small area with a high concentration of things Francais.  Not as large as New Orleans’ French Quarter, I call it San Francisco’s French Nickel — a bad joke I continue to tell despite the groans. Here are some photos taken near there.

Gitane, A Restaurant on Claude Lane
A Boutique on Claude Lane
Le Central, The Place For A Power Lunch, On Bush Street
Notre Dame Des Victoires, A Church on Bush Street
Cafe de la Presse, Grant and Bush Street
Cafe Claude, on Claude Lane

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