Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The 69-year-old semi-retired private detective reluctantly takes the case of a Mrs. William B. Stone who seems to have lost track of her husband. Shanahan, who finds his once lonely life complicated by an attractive younger woman, nevertheless finds his client's husband almost immediately. But the job isn't over. The problem is the man is dead and buried in his own back yard. Who did it and why leads the detective to the city's meaner streets where the veil of secrecy is finally lifted.  Available here.

“Intricate, lusty, funny, moving adventure about believably vulnerable characters.” — Publishers Weekly

"The interest in this fine novel lies.in its characters, especially the appealing Shanahan, keenly aware of death's proximity as he re-engages with life." — Houston Post

"The pragmatic investigator makes a good first impression." — The New York Times 

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Fran said...

DANGER! READER ALERT! This is the book that first hooked me on Shanahan and his pals and his escapades, an addiction that is very tough to shake... and then when you've finished all the Shanahan books there are (even with detours into Noah & Carly) the new ones don't come out fast enough. Oh well, fun is fun. Buy the book