Thursday, June 13, 2013

Commercial Three

The naked lady wasn't your average floater. She was the wife of an Indiana senator and half of Washington's Golden Couple. Within hours of finding her body in a canal, police arrest a young Latino boxer believed to be her lover. He has the motive, means and opportunity. Another dead body later — along with some answers that seem too pat for the P.I. — Shanahan dives into the dirty side of politics, the dark side of passion, and the hideous secrets the killer is desperate to hide.
"Tierney's 'Deets' Shanahan series offers characters of depth and sensuality, and well-placed swipes of razor-sharp humor." — Publishers Weekly starred review
"A series packed with new angles and delights." — Booklist
"Keeps the reader intrigued with (Shanahan's) cogent observations of human nature and his interaction with police officers, his mistress and the various other characters Tierney draws so well." — Indianapolis Star

Life Death & Fog Books, has been established to bring the first four Shanahan novels to paperback and a variety of e-book formats. After more than 10 years, friends of Deets can now conveniently catch up with the early days of the aging PI's career. Paperback editions are from Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble. E-books are available for Kindle and Nook.  Available Here.

Note:  Writers, much like parents, aren’t supposed to have favorites.  But I must confess that among the early Shanahans, this is my favorite.  Reviewers and the people at Goodreads seem to share the feeling. There is Indianapolis history here as well as a mystery about as tightly told as I could tell it. Older readers will recognize a time and a place, much of it having slipped away. Younger readers can view a city that lies just beneath today’s surface.

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