Sunday, September 8, 2013

Confessions — Let’s Set The Record Straight

Mr.  Wolfe
Mr. Tierney
After all these years, I thought it was time to shine little light on author Tom Wolfe’s attempt to minimize my influence on his work not to mention his celebrity.  First, let’s examine his trademark white suit.  Was he the first dandy of American literature?  I was establishing this iconic image at five when I first wrote Lime Kool Aid, A Failure, which Wolfe later transformed into Electric Kool Aid Acid Test.  But this wasn’t the end of his intellectual thievery.   There can be no doubt that his much heralded The Right Stuff was lifted from my own The Right Stuffing, My Favorite Thanksgiving and that his famous Bonfire of The Vanities was little more than a rework of my masterpiece, What Happened To My Marshmallows?  Mr. Wolfe, you owe me some royalties.


Mark SF said...

Two of my favorite authors.

Teri-on-the-sandbar said...

Relax. You were (and are, I might add) infinitely better lookin'--then and now.