Sunday, September 14, 2014

Observations —1988, Year of Crackpots and Fools

Nick & Cher, Top of Their Games
"Diver," by jasper Johns  Sold for $4.2 million
A terrorist bomb blew up a 747 over Lockerbie, Scotland.  Benazir Bhutto was the first Islamic to lead Pakistan. Burma suspended its constitution. Francois Mitterrand was elected French president. Democrats nominated Michael Dukakis as its nominee for President. Republicans nominated George Bush, the elder. Bush was elected. NASA first warned of global warming.  Anthony M. Kennedy was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Robert Bork’s court nomination was rejected. Trash is not private property and may be searched without a warrant said the court. Congress overrode Ronald Reagan’s veto of the Civil Rights Restoration Act. The Rev. Jimmy Swaggart confessed having “sinned” with a hired dominatrix.   The Rev. Jerry Falwell lost his libel case against Larry Flynt.  However, The Hustler publisher was alleged to have put out a “hit” on rivals Hugh Heffner (Playboy) and Bob Guccione (Penthouse), as well as Frank Sinatra. Mike Tyson hired Donald Trump as an adviser.  Tyson sought psychiatric help. Trump charged Tyson $2 million for advice. There’s a joke in there somewhere. Jasper John’s painting, “Diver,” sold for $4,200,000.  “48 Hours” premiered on CBS.  Rush Limbaugh first went on national radio. Toni Morrison received the Pulitzer Prize for Literature for Beloved. The Mystery Writers of America gave their “Best Mystery award to Old Bones by Aaron Elkins.  The Private Eye Writers of America gave their top prize, The Shamus, to Benjamin Schutz for A Tax On Blood.  We also read The Cardinal of the Kremlin by Tom Clancy, The Sands of Time by Sidney Sheldon, Zoya by Danielle Steel, The Icarus Agenda by Robert Ludlum, The Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice, Alaska by James A. Michener, The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris and Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro.  We watched Coming To America, Rain Man, Beetlejuice, Big, Die Hard, Bull Durham, Naked Gun and A Fish Called Wanda. Musical treats included “Faith” by George Michael, “Need You Tonight” by INXS, “Got My Mind Set On You” by George Harrison, “Never Going To Turn You Loose” by Rick Asti, and “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns ‘n Roses. Rihanna, Adele and Michael Cera were born in 1988.  Those who left us included Roy Orbison, Chet Baker, Divine, John Carradine, John Holmes, Trevor Howard, John Houseman, Andy Gibb and Robert A. Heinlein.  If you were around, what were you doing during this year of the earth dragon?


Bill Crider said...

Benjamin Schutz is pretty much forgotten now, but he wrote some really good p.i. novels.

Hard to believe Rush Limbaugh's been on national radio that long.

Graham Powell said...

I was in my sophomore year of college. Pretty sure that was the year I found my first Bill Pronzini novel in the campus library.

Ronald Tierney said...

Bill, I didn't recognize Mr. Schutz when I saw it. I'll have to find one of his books

Graham, You were fortunate to find Mr. Pronzini when you were young. I'm still trying to catch up. Unlike Mr. Schutz who is no longer around, many of the really good ones ( see Bill Crider, above.) are still publishing great novels