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Book Notes — A Krueger Sweep of 2014 Awards, And Best Crime Writers Of The 21ST Century?

Winning Mystery
It is award season for crime writers.  Each year there are hundreds of awards given for mystery-related writing. To give you an idea of what company the current winners keep, the list that follows is a list for the top awards since the new century began, including this year’s choices. 

William Kent Krueger
This list includes only “best novel” of the year awards as determined by the genre’s most established award givers — Mystery Writers of America (The Edgar and Anthony),  Private Eye Writers of America (The Shamus), Mystery Readers International (The Macavity) and the comprehensive mystery review quarterly, Deadly Pleasures (The Barry).

In an unusual turn of events, one author, William Kent Krueger, won all of the above-mentioned awards for “Best Novel,” except the Shamus, for which it was not eligible*.

Congratulations to all the 2014 winners (published in 2013) and to all of the nominees. Check the organizations’ web sites for best first novels, best short stories and other outstanding accomplishments by today’s crime writers. 

2000   Jan Burke, Bones, Edgar
 Don Winslow, California Fire and Life, Shamus
           Peter Robinson, In a Dry Season, Anthony
           Sujata Massey, The Flower Master, Macavity
           Peter Robinson, In a Dry Season, Barry

2001   Joe R. Lansdale, The Bottoms, Edgar
           Carolina Garcia-Aguilera, Havana Heat, Shamus
           Val McDermid, A Place of Execution, Anthony
 Val McDermid, A Place of Execution, Macavity
 Nevada Barr Deep South, Barry

2002   T. Jefferson Parker, California Girl, Edgar
           S. J. Rozan, Reflecting the Sky, Shamus
           Dennis Lehane, Mystic River, Anthony
           Laurie R. King, Folly, Macavity
           Dennis Lehane, Mystic River, Barry

2003   S. J. Rozan, Winter and Night, Edgar
           James W. Hall, Blackwater Sound, Shamus
           Michael Connelly, City of Bones, Anthony
           S.J. Rozan, Winter and Night, Macavity
           Michael Connelly, City of Bones, Barry

2004   Ian Rankin, Resurrection Men, Edgar
           Ken Bruen, The Guards, Shamus
           Laura Lippman, Every Secret Thing, Anthony
           Peter Lovesey, The House Sitter, Macavity
           Laura Lippman, Every Secret Thing, Barry

2005   T. Jefferson Parker, California Girl, Edgar
           Ed Wright, While I Disappear, Shamus
           William Kent Krueger, Blood Hollow, Anthony
           Ken Bruen, The Killing of the Tinkers, Macavity
           Lee Child, The Enemy, Barry

2006   Jess Walter, Citizen Vince, Edgar
           Michael Connelly, The Lincoln Lawyer, Shamus
           William Kent Krueger, Mercy Falls, Anthony
           Michael Connelly, The Lincoln Lawyer, Macavity
           Thomas H. Cook, Red Leaves, Barry

2007   Jason Goodwin, The Janissary Tree, Edgar
           Ken Bruen, The Dramatist, Shamus
           Laura Lippman, No Good Deeds, Anthony
           Nancy Pickard, The Virgin of Small Plains, Macavity
           George Pelecanos, The Night Gardener, Barry

2008   John Hart, Down River, Edgar
           Reed Farrel Coleman, Soul Patch, Shamus
           Laura Lippman, What the Dead Know, Anthony
           Laura Lippman, What the Dead Know, Macavity
           Laura Lippman, What the Dead Know, Barry

2009   C. J. Box, Blue Heaven, Edgar
           Reed Farrel Coleman, Empty Ever After, Shamus
           Michael Connelly, The Brass Verdict, Anthony
           Deborah Crombie, Where Memories Lie, Macavity
           Arnaldur Indridason, The Draining Lake, Barry

2010   John Hart, The Last Child, Edgar
           Marcia Muller, Locked In, Shamus
           Louise Penny, The Brutal Telling, Anthony
           John Hart, The Last Child, Macavity
           John Hart, The Last Child, Barry

2011   Steve Hamilton, The Lock Artist, Edgar
           Lori Armstrong, No Merci, Shamus
           Louise Penny, Bury Your Dead, Anthony
           Louise Penny, Bury Your Dead, Macavity
           Steve Hamilton, The Lock Artist, Barry

2012   Mo Hayder, Gone, Edgar
           Michael Wiley, A Bad Night's Sleep, Shamus
           Louise Penny, A Trick of the Light, Anthony
           Susan Gran, Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead, Macavity
           Jussi Adler Olsen, The Keeper of Lost Causes, Barry
2013   Dennis Lehane, Live By Night, Edgar
           Robert Crais, Taken, Shamus
 Louise Penny, The Beautiful Mystery, Anthony
Brad Parks
           Louise Penny, The Beautiful Mystery, Macavity
 Peter May, The Blackhouse, Barry


William Kent Krueger, Ordinary Grace, Edgar, Macavity, Barry & Anthony

Brad Parks, The Good Cop, Shamus


*The Shamus Awards are reserved for work featuring ptivate eyes. In general, the PWA defines a "private eye" as any mystery protagonist who is a professional investigator, but not a police officer or government agent.

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