Friday, May 27, 2016

RANT — Trump, Ever the School Yard Bully, Blinks, Backs Down

Every kid knows this deep in his or her heart:  The school bully taunts and teases, blusters and barks, and then blinks when someone takes the challenge.  Donald J. Trump, the flimflamming, fake billionaire challenged “poor” Bernie to a debate.  When Sanders said, “yes,” Trump said, “no.”
Despite what many Secretary Clinton supporters said – that Senator Sanders was falling into a trap that would hurt Hillary. The truth is Sanders would have taken the spoiled brat to the woodshed. Just by accepting Trump’s challenge the 74-year-old senator showed Trump to be no more than a buffoon in an orangutan suit.  My apologies to orangutans, who have considerably more dignity. However, Trump was smart to back out.

Let ‘s review:

Trump never served in the military, getting a Vietnam era deferment for a bone spur, yet he, like other chicken hawks (Dick Cheney for example), seems to like the idea of war. He did make an exception for prisoners of war, whom he called “losers.”

He says his immense success in business makes him qualified for our nation’s president and world leader. Yet after a series of failed businesses, bankruptcies and charges of fraud, he won’t release his income tax returns.  Why?  Did he pay even a penny in taxes?  Is he as wealthy as he claims?  The worst part of his claim as a successful entrepreneur is that he had it rough.  His father only gave him a couple of million dollars in seed money. That and his inheritance made him rich, and, as he says, only rich people can be great?  All the rest of us are losers.

All this is pretty rotten, but the horror of a Trump presidency is the notion hat he could disregard treaties, ignore international agreements, alienate our allies, round up 11 million people he doesn’t like and deport them and then demand religious tests for anyone visiting our country.

In addition to endorsements by Dick Cheney, Vladimir Putin ,Charles Manson, Ted Nugent, Gary Busey, he is a favorite of a number of white supremacists.  Trump’s inherited power, subsequent narcissism and intolerance of criticism are frighteningly similar to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

As far as Hillary is concerned, the scandal of Benghazi wasn’t Clinton’s action or inaction but of the investigation itself.  Millions of dollars were spent on this waste of time before the Republican who led the charge admitted there was no there there. It was the same sore-loser response the Republicans launched against Obama Similarly the so-called email scandal also played out a long time ago. Even so, the media, apparently still frightened of Trump’s temper tantrums, continues to act as if the email issue is newsworthy. It wasn’t then.  It isn’t now. 

I’ve made no secret of being a Sanders fan.  And I’m on record many times, long before this race, of seeing the Clintons as Republicans (back when Republicans had some sense). But I cannot imagine the circumstances in which Americans could even consider a shallow, thin-skinned, Kardashian clone for any responsible position in American government.  I’d prefer Bugs Bunny.


the Tao of Teri said...

Bugs would be a reasonable choice, but he has some bully tendencies, too. On a balanced ticket with Porky Pig, it might work just fine.

I'd take either Bernie or Hillary or the proverbial yellow dog a thousand million times over the opposition. What frightens me is the amount of support he's gotten. Yes, Americans are by-and-large stupid, but must they prove it in such huge numbers?

Love you. Miss you!

Ronald Tierney said...

Of all the strange creatures ho have run for office in the modern presidency, no one, not even George the Younger, is more absurd than Trump. Yes, P.P for V.P,

MereOnceMoore said...

Sanders please. But if I can't have Sanders then Bugs all the way! Perhaps a Foghorn Leghorn for V.P. might appeal to all those war mongering lunatics.

By the way, I like the "Kardashian clone" line. Well said.

Ronald Tierney said...

If you listen carefully, the words Trump choose – to be honest with you, I gotta tell you, you wouldn't believe... — all these are phrases and in the speech pattern of Regis Philbin. By the way I like Foghorn Leghorn,