Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ten Little Republicans — Rick Perry Takes A Hike, And Then There Were Four

In the spirit of Agatha Christies Ten Little Indians, the Republican nominees for President have — as the process proscribes — been disappearing. Today, the perfect Hollywood Central casting Southern County Sheriff, Rick Perry, took a hike, perhaps off on a mountain somewhere to guard some sheep. He isn’t coming back. Apparently his last words favored keeping Boss Gingrich alive. Earlier, Perry stated that God wanted him to be president. Apparently God changed his or her mind. Oops. For the main posting check here.


Anonymous said...

Who knew from the media presentation of his cridentials and the margin of victory he had over his opponets for governor, and of course his reported one on one charm, that he could speak to the national media with putting his foot in his mouth.
Thank goodness that we've had enough debates to reveal these shortcomings.
(Once in a high school debate my debate style was "judged" to that of a pompous ass. So I'm not running for office.

Ronald Tierney said...

One can be pompous appearing and know what he or she is talking about. Or one can be merely pompous. I suspect that if you are pompous at all, you are in the first camp. Of course, using the word "one" can be considered pretty pompous too. At any rate, thanks for the comments. I think we might swear off Texas governors.