Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Opinion — House of Cards Unrealistic? I Don’t Think So.

Kevin Spacey, Very Real

Someone posted this on Facebook:  “Why is Bernie Madoff the only Wall Street criminal to get jail time?’ Because, the answer goes,  “He robbed the 1 percent. Unlike the bankers, who screwed the poor and middle class, Madoff messed with folks who have clout. His problem was his failure to buy a single congressional representative.  All that money and he bought a beach house, not a Majority Whip.

Last night I began the second season of the American “House of cards.”  Hooked again.

This morning I read an article by a former Republican congressional staffer, Mike Lofgren, who implied that such cynicism doesn’t exist in the real world.  Two words for Mr., Lofgren:  Tom Delay.  How about two more?  Jack Abramoff

Two fine films cover Delayesque Frank Underwood, one a documentary Casino Jack and The United States of Money. Coincidentally, Kevin Spacey played Abramoff in the fascinating theatrical version of this kind of political intrigue, simply called Casino Jack. Unlike today, there was, though inadequate, at least some level of comeuppance for at least some of the miscreants.

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