Wednesday, February 5, 2014

True Crime: Amanda Knox — Playing Both Sides of Extradition

The U.S., in its maniacal pursuit of Edward Snowden, keeps pressing the extradition agreement for the whistleblower’s (you might say “Traitor’s”) return.  Russia says it’s not going to happen. But we have a treaty! These treaties can be relatively complex. Our best friend the UK, refuses to send criminals back to the U.S. if the death penalty is on the table, for example.  In the sensational trial and possible conviction of Amanda Knox’s the case it is more complex, The American student was accused, along with her Italian boyfriend of killing her roommate in a small town in Umbria, Italy. In support of the stereotype of Italian governance, first they said she did, then they said she didn’t, then they said she did and now, well, they’re not sure.  Anyone who has followed the trial at all would, if it weren’t jeopardizing likely innocent lives and torturing the victim’s family and friends, would see a comedy of errors perfectly set up for Federico Fellini, if he were only still with us.  We have inept police, bumbling judges, a shameless local press, and a prosecutor who believes the devil himself was involved.  Yet it’s possible U.S. Secretary Of State John Kerry, as if he has nothing better to do, may have to handle an extradition request from Burlusconiland. Even sillier, none other than famous defense attorney Alan Dershowitz believes the U.S must honor Italy’s request should it come to that. It’s quite clear to me that former defender of people like Knox,  Dershowitz( who, incidentally, is not too keen on Snowden either) is no Darrow after all.  The other disappointment is that Italy may never escape its reputation as both beautiful and absurd.

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