Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blatant Self-Promotion — New Book, Mascara, Death in the Tenderloin

As e- and self-published books flood the marketplace, I’ve decided to jump in and start swimming. I just went through all the licensing procedures to establish Life, Death and Fog Books and its first order of business was to publish Mascara, Death In The Tenderloin. It’s quite likely that, at least initially, all the books the new company publishes will be by the author who created the company. (There is a nasty word for this and I won’t repeat it.) Some of the company’s books will be new mystery novellas like Mascara. Others will be reissues of some of my earlier Shanahan mysteries originally published by St. Martin’s Press and currently out of print.

Mascara, just now available as an e-book and trade paperback, has characters familiar to those who have read books in the Paladino/Lang San Francisco mysteries (Death in Pacific Heights and Death in North Beach). However the action takes place years earlier when Lang first meets the gender-bending Thanh and before he meets his investigative partner, Carly Paladino.

Dennis Gallagher and John Sullivan are responsible for the book design of Mascara and for the Life, Death and Fog Books logo. Their firm, Visual Strategies (, is located in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood.

Related Update: Severn House, Ltd., the London-based publisher has recently made Bullet Beach (the tenth in the Deets Shanahan series) and Death in North Beach (the second in the new Paladino/Lang series) available as e-books and trade paperbacks. (You can order any of these books from Amazon through my website or this blog.)


Fran Johns said...

Let's hear it for bringing back the out-of-print Shanahan books, yayyyyyyyy. PS, I like the blog too.

Ronald Tierney said...

Thanks. It's great to get cheers from authors.