Saturday, January 9, 2016

On A Personal Note

View from my San Francisco window
Twenty-five of my seventy years of life have been spent in magical, inventive, foggy, quirky San Francisco.  The last twenty I’ve lived in a one-bedroom apartment in what has become a trendy part of a city currently experiencing a population exploding with kazillionaires.

The city is fantastic, but increasingly expensive.  It is now one of those places vying for the title of “the world’s most expensive place to live.” Seriously.  Just as daunting is that my lovely, little apartment is up two flights of stairs, a climb one must make after climbing one of those famous San Francisco hills. Because of the condition my condition is in, stairs and hills lack the charm they had for my 30-year-old self.

View from backyard at new place in Palm Springs
What I’m doing here with all this personal blather is setting up an excuse for the erratic posting I expect to make on this site for the next month or two.  I’m packing books, thumb drives, furniture, pills, art and some furniture for a move to flatter and considerably warmer ground. I will be especially discom-bobulated until some order is restored. That will happen when the move is completed, my digital connections are hooked up, and my brain, such as it is, has regained the capacity to create. Meanwhile, the process of sorting through the treasures and debris of my life — as those who have already done so know – is sentimentally painful, emotionally exhausting and physically draining. Enough whining.

The bright side is that there is still another chapter in the unknown just a few weeks away.  All I really know is that it will feature sun, palm trees and mountains, not to mention miles and miles of level ground on the desert valley floor


J. Kingston Pierce said...

Best of luck with the move, Ron!

Unknown said...

My daughter and her husband lived in a swell but tiny apartment on the Embarcadero near the baseball field for several years, but the increases in the rent were becoming exorbitant (or more than exorbitant), and my daughter, being a Texan, had never adjusted to the weather. They're in Sonoma now and loving it. Good luck on your move to the warmer, flatter area.

Ronald Tierney said...

Jeff, thank you. Congrats on The Rap Sheet as it approaches10 years. As you know,it was inspiration for my doing a blog,though I am not nearly as knowledgeable nor is my blog as comprehensive. By the way, I've voted for my favorite book covers on Rap Sheet.

Thank you, Bill. Sonoma is beautiful. A little bit of paradise. I might miss a few of your morning posts as well until I become one again with the digital universe. I'll have to find something else to lighten and brighten my day. TV news just isn't cutting it.

Unknown said...

welcome to the South

Ronald Tierney said...

Thank you John. Look forward to seeing you. We end up in the same part of the country yet again.