Friday, May 13, 2011

Film Pairing — B-Movie Night, Sweatpants and Tequila

Some evening, when you are not in the mood for an intellectual challenge or artful sensuality, but rather a kind of mind numbing drift away from the troubles of the day, consider Puerto Vallarta Squeeze and Heaven’s Prisoners. This is a lazy evening double feature, and you’re going spend it in the heat — Mexico and Louisiana.

Squeeze is propelled by the performances of vastly underrated actor Scott Glenn and highly rated actor Harvey Keitel. Action is plentiful enough and the plot is serviceable enough to put your mind on autopilot. Heaven’s Prisoners is a better movie and a far better rendition of a James Lee Burke novel than In the Electric Mist, which featured amazing Burke look-alike, Tommy Lee Jones as Dave Robicheaux. Burke fans may like neither, but Heaven’s Prisoners is a pretty good movie all on its own. Alec Baldwin, not the way I picture Robicheaux, nonetheless creates a believable and likable character. Eric Roberts does a great job being handsome, narcissist and sleazy. And a young Teri Hatcher is extremely revealing.

Puerto Vallarta Squeeze is also based on a novel. Robert James Waller, author of The Bridges of Madison County, penned the book.

Because of the heat, crush lots of ice and get the margarita mix ready. Guard against a brain freeze, however.

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