Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blatant Promotion — And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

In a dark divergence from my other mysteries, this is a stand alone novel about the how an out-of-control mind affects the lives of others. San Francisco Inspector Vincente Gratelli is charged with finding this killer of young women — all murdered in the same way, all left with the with an intimate mark. The most recent victim is beaten and raped in her weekend cabin. There appears to be only one difference — she is still alive. There are two questions. How can these murders be stopped and how does the killer feel about unfinished business?

Gratelli and his partner Mickey McClellan understand all too well how the cycle of violence devastates not just the victim, but all of those involved. Love, jealousy and revenge play roles in a dark mystery that pits friend against friend and explores one cop’s last battle against evil.

Kirkus Reviews had this to say about Good to the Last Kiss:

“Tierney serves up a dark, twisty little gem…. Every year the genre has its Goliaths, bigger and better ballyhooed than this modest entry. Come Edgar time, however, Tierney’s well-written, tidily plotted, character-driven David of a book deserves to be remembered.”

Good To The Lass Kiss, published by Severn House, is available in hardback and e-book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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